Tuesday, February 21, 2012

these are things i need to tell you..

I just took down our Christmas tree. Like 5 minutes ago. And you know what? I kind of miss it. That's probably what happens when you keep a Christmas tree up for 4 months. It becomes part of the family.

And you want to know what else? Riley and Belle finally caught a squirrel today. My sweet, loving fur-babies turned into crazed jungle-beasts and took down an innocent squirrel. They've been on the hunt for weeks and I totally created a storybook idea of how the whole thing would go down should they ever actually come even remotely close to "snuggling" up to a squirrel. Basically I was picturing the frolicking forest creatures in Bambi and it turned out to be straight up NatGeo safari documentary-style. It was terrifying and I feel totally responsible. Do squirrels play dead? I think (read: really really hope) it might have been playing dead. Regardless, I cried and had a small panic attack. I'm sorry squirrel.

Or so I thought.
One last thing. I have a terrible problem. I can't stop watching Toddlers and Tiaras. Have you seen that show? I just watched a three-year-old in a Dallas Cowboys costume dropping it like it's hot. Not real life.

P.S. I still love my little murderer babies. Don't judge me.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

i am smitten.

..don't worry, even if you are a cynical crab about valentine's day then you can still read this post and not vom.. if you are a cynical crab about life, maybe not.

However, if you are a cynical crab about life who wants to be a happier clam, read on my friend. Also, I'm done with ocean references. I think.

I AM SMITTEN Y'ALL...with my pretty little life and every cutieface in it.

I bet everyone thinks this, I hope everyone thinks this, but I'm sure I have the most supportive (and probably best-looking) lot of people surrounding me all the time. ALL THE TIME. My coworkers, besties, gym-mates, dogs.. every last one of 'em are phenomenal, positive, clever, witty, goal-oriented people (and dogs! my dogs totally have goals, it might be to get the trash bag off the counter and tear it to shreds but, goals exist for them nonetheless) and I gotta say, it makes such a difference.

Puppy goal achieved!
I used to kick around that saying "you are who your friends are," but I don't think I ever took that so seriously until now. I am who my friends (and family and dogs) are and hot tamale (the candy, duh), I LOOK GOOD. So thanks people and puppies, you make me look really put together and important and famous.

This cushy cloud of reinforcement has placed me in a hotspot of possibility and it's pretty much a dance party from here on out.

On the life docket:
  • Dive headfirst into my community and explore all its goodness. (Want to try something new? CALL ME. Short of experimental pharmaceutical tests and tattoo-ing ourselves, I'll go.)
  • Kick off an unstoppable event planning business with my galpal and pretty much soulmate, Shan!
  • Be a cream-of-the-crop coach/trainer/cheerleader/teammate at the gym that has completely changed my view of fitness.
  • Acquire the much coveted position as DOFI (director of first impression) at Big Yoga Houston. Calcs, you can consider this my formal application.
  • RUN a half marathon (It's fine. I've only run 3 miles at one time in my whole life. But it's fine.)
  • Make hundreds o' cuppiecakes for major events! 
  • Take over the world, one pair of stretchy pants at a time.

My heart might just burst from all the love. And if it did burst, I'm positive it would be a mess of confetti, glitter and sprinkles. Wouldn't you agree?

Cynical crustaceans? Are you still there? Anyone?

In other news, Facebook is trying to ruin my internet social life by withholding notifications that people have messaged/posted/responded/poked me. RUDE. You will not win, Zuckerberg.

Friday, January 27, 2012

we took family pictures..

and it was AWESOME.

Seriously people, if you have really cute dogs/children/friends/cats/ferrets..WHATEVER, I highly encourage you to drop a little monies and get some professional pictures taken. Emphasis on professional because I know everyone thinks they're an award-winning photographer (including me) now that they have an iPhone. Not true.

Hate to break it to ya, but the editing and point of view magic that a pro can pull off is far beyond that of your valencia filter on instagram. Okay? Okay. AND when you hire someone else to take pictures of you, you aren't stuck taking weirdo long-arm myspace pictures of yourself.  Double win.

Please note: Ryan had the treats. There's even photographic evidence of the hand off.
I cannot even begin to say enough good things about our photographer. She was sugarsweet, infinitely patient and took approximately 4,987 pictures of us. More importantly, we didn't feel rushed or stressed, in fact, it was far the opposite. We had tilt-a-whirl amusement-park fun (not to be confused with circus fun, which is not actual fun because it's terrifying. i mean, clowns and hairy women? really?)

Belle and Riley ate a month's worth of treats, we chased them around and somehow we magically (magic = Lindsey's photography powers) got fantastic results. I can't think of a better way for our little family to finish off the year.

All this being said, I've decided to dismiss actual gifts for the next decade or so and instead just send people pictures of us in different mediums. Canvas art of my face? Check.

Clear the fridge. And maybe some wall space.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

oh how the tides have changed..

It's official. I'm taking over the world. (read: i quit my very safe, very insured, very routine and standard job to become a full-time employee at lululemon and coach Crossfit.) Also, I totally got this blog post title from my new favorite OPI color: Stranger tides. It's all very deep.

Photo found here. My manicure was less impressive.
Here's some catch up:
I've been working as a weekend warrior at lululemon since March. (That's right, I've worked seven days a week for almost a year..wha?!) BUT I drool over the company culture and adore all the girls (and few guys) that work there so it doesn't feel like work. They have amazing chemistry and love life, so needless to say, two measly days a week just wasn't enough for me.

Flashback! This is something that I put in a never-published work-in-progress post lonnnngg ago when I first started there.

"One of the best parts of the lululemon culture is the intensity with which people set and achieve goals. Thus, I've committed to setting new goals that will give me focus everyday. These aren't going to be your average, run of the mill NYE-resolution-I-gave-up-chocolate-for-Lent-unless-it's-Friday-Saturday-or-Sunday goals. I want really ambitious goals that can change lives (specifically mine). I have a goal to set goals? Pretty mucho."

Good news, it still applies! My little vida loca is on the upswing and with all this change, I've committed to setting shiny new reach-for-the-sky goals.

Here's a good one: I post to my blog once a week by February 2012.

And another: I wear heels and feel fancy once a week by March 2012. Serious heels, none of that kitten heel bull-naynay.

If I'm feeling frisky, I might even blog IN heels. 

Want to know everything there ever is to know about setting goals and being awesome? Look here: YAY GOALS!

P.S. I have two furry babies now. Pretty cute, huh?

Until next time (which will be ONE week from now at the latest), party on monkeys.