Tuesday, March 1, 2011

keeping up with the keeping ups.

This is an old post that's still totally relevant because duhsuperduh, its a perfect example of how I'm NOT keeping up..::sigh::

Let's try again..and for the first half, just travel back in time to about October 2010? I'll let you know when we're back to present day. Ready? GO.

It appears that I've reached a point in my life where I feel the need to go a million miles a minute. That's right ONE MILLION miles A MINUTE. Crazy, right? Yes, but I think I like it that way.

Example: I don't have a single free weekend until mid December. And that doesn't really count because, well, mid December is pretty much Christmas time. And who has spare minutes during holiday season? I certainly don't. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that I have an itch to try and do and travel and be more and more which is why (WHY?) I'm a pretty busy gal and why I technically don't have any free time until 2011. Sorry if I missed you. Put in a request for January and I'll see about adding you to the social calendar I had to make for me and the bfriend (HRR) to keep our heads on straight. He's not such a fan.

All that being said, I've noticed in my fuss to plan and execute and have band-aids and wipeys in my purse for upcoming events, I have a tendency to ignore the right now. The things that need to be done today...like my laundry. My laundry actually needed to be done like 2 weeks ago, but like I said, I plan for the future and surely can't be fretting over the past.

Present day commences..now. Did I lose you? Just shake it off..
So while I'm still having some trouble keeping up with the ups, I have finally restored some semblance of normalcy in my alice-in-wonderland-rabbit-hole-tea-party life. HRR and I have restored order in our frat house of an apartment..hallelujah. People who tell you they can lead normal lives in a trash heap of a home are liars..and probably hoarders, who are clearly confused.

Here's a quick recap of what you might've missed:
I'm officially a omnivore again. That's right. No more vegetarianism for me. Sorry friends, but I gave it SIX years and decided that it wasn't the right plan for me (so maybe I'm slow). But wait, there's more! Not only am I an omnivore, but I'm (mostly) Paleo! Ahhh! It's a beautiful thing that can change your life, but I won't go off on that tangent..yet.

In the past 5 months, I've been averaging about 60-80 hours a week at work..yes you read that correctly (do you feel bad for shaking your head when you read the time that has passed between my last post and this one? you should.) It's finally slowed down a bit (for now), but the unpredictability is annoying and totally interferes with my Crossfitting and favorite people time.
More recently, I dished out the monies and got my Crossfit Level 1 Cert. BIG EFF DEAL, people. Seriously. I learned a million things and can't wait to share them with the world..get ready.

I'm still trying to decide where to take this sweet mothership of a blog, I'm thinking I could post something that's actually useful to the 3 people that read it, like recipes and workouts that I find particularly torturous, but we'll see. Suggestions?

Also, french fry adventures have decreased significantly since the dawn of the Paleo era, but I still bank on my cheat meals to hoover some fried tater deliciousness..worry not!

While you're waiting 3 more months for me to post again, check out these hip writings of a couple of the aformentioned favorite peoples. Karina is going to be a theater star and Calcy is going to be the master of all the yogis in the land. Read, learn, imitate.